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This testimonial on behalf of my realtor, Terri Benoit, is so well deserved. I can attest first hand that to buy or sell a home in today's frenzied market is not a trivial endeavor. There are a significant amount of important considerations that must be factored into buying your next "Home". This is especially true since either buying or selling a home may be the single largest transaction you will make and a misstep throughout the process can be emotionally exhausting and extremely costly. That is the reason my wife and I chose Terri Benoit and the TLC Real Estate Team to help us find and purchase our new home on Cape Cod.

A few traits that are top of mind in my dealings with Terri are: Professional, Dedicated, Knowledgeable, Hardworking, Detail-Oriented, Integrity, and a genuine fun person. From our initial conversation on what are requirements were for our next home right thru the property closing was roughly a 1 year journey. Terri was patient and focused on finding us the perfect new home. When it came to negotiating the offer to the Sellers, Terri was a true Master! There were a number of offers on our home however Terri used her well-honed Realtor skills to deliver a compelling and winning offer.

Please know with Terri you are in the best of hands and have an avid teammate. We are absolutely thrilled with our new home and Terri made it happen!!!

Arthur Hilliard

I am so happy with TLC Real Estate! Everybody I have worked with has gone above and beyond to help me find my perfect home. I have especially enjoyed working with Paulette... she is thorough, patient and knowledgeable! I will recommend them to anybody.

Alexandra Rogers, NP